Friction Discs

GUMMI friction discs are made of ceramic compounds and metal inserts. The friction materials AB 3820, AB 3820L and AB 3820-256, are compounds whose base ingredients are aramid ceramic fibers and other elements that make up an excellent state-of-the-art NON-ASBESTOS material.

Característica / Product Description

GUMMI CERAMIC compounds have an adequate friction value that stays constant both under normal working conditions, or in severe actions when braking and/or clutching, keeping a reasonable wear resistance and the stiffness necessary to prevent deformation and volumetric strain produced by temperature due to friction. These compounds offer high braking capacity both in the deceleration and coupling phase, since they act promptly and keep stability at low or high temperatures. These are not sensitive to speed variations and do not alter their properties at both minimum and maximum revolutions. Of the set of qualities that a good friction material must meet, GUMMI CERAMIC compounds offer a satisfactory answer to such requirements.