Semi-flexible Coupling


The VNDD coupling is specially used for heavy duty. It allows radial, axial and angular misalignments between the coupled shafts, absorbing shocks and vibrations from the component parts of the transmission. It has elastic polyurethane elements with high torque transmission capacity and greater resistance to dust, water, oil and other aggressive agents. Due to its simplified construction, the VNDD coupling allows quick and safe installation. It eliminates lubrication and preventive maintenance costs. Depending on its claws, this coupling can withstand rotational misalignment. During maintenance, it allows the movement of the component parts independently and only the elastomers are replaced “without disassembling the coupling”, minimizing replacement costs and machine downtimes.

Característica / Product Description

It is an alternative that has turned into a worldwide trend for the replacement of bolt and hub couplings, rubber pads, chain metals, grid and/or large teeth contact due to a set of features that optimize, modernize and adapt to the current manufacturing processes and their current regulations, thus complying with environmental requirements, reduction of lubricant and maintenance costs, ease and speed of replacement, decrease of machine downtimes, and protection of other components of the transmission.

Potencias / Power

7.000 Nm. to 1.288.800 Nm.

Tamaños / Sizes

Standard Models: VNDD-170 to VNDD-1200. Special versions upon request.

Aplicaciones / Application

Ball mills, toaster, conveyor belts, lifters, winches, shaftless chain/screw conveyors, rotating furnaces, bridge cranes, mixers, excavators, etc.