Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling

M Line

The double crown teeth coupling design allows for free and low friction axial movement during operation.
Molded nylon sleeve, with high torsional stiffness and minimum return, free of internal friction loss or increased heat.
Nylon and steel components, which allow operating at temperatures of 100ºC continuously and can withstand peaks of up to 140ºC.
Nylon sleeves that are resistant to dust, moisture, and various chemicals and petroleum products. No lubrication maintenance, or seals needed. Ease to clean and to inspect visually.
Compact and lightweight design with high torque and low inertia. Assembly with minimal shaft separation.
Precision molded concentric joint and hubs for high speed applications. No screws, bolts, flanges or protrusions affecting its balance and safety. Smooth outer surface.
Invisible assembly with sliding components for easy inspection and adjustment without disassembly.

Potencias / Power

Torques 10 Nm hasta 72 Nm

Tamaños / Sizes

Model M-14 to M-65 (check with the factory for bigger sizes).

Aplicaciones / Application

Ideal for use in applications with high revolutions and low torque. Positioning commands, small conveyors, hydraulic pumps, etc.