Flexible Coupling

A Line

Line A GUMMI flexible couplings absorb misalignments and vibrations. Misalignment represents 50% of the causes of bearing breakage, in addition to other elements of the machines (seals, gears), which are not prepared for the bending of the the shaft. The GUMMI coupling, flexible as it is, absorbs misalignments, reducing efforts and increasing the operating life of components.
It absorbs vibrations and shocks, providing a longer service life for your equipment. The average of vibrations that are transmitted in a system, from one side to the other, is around 70%. The latter is minimized by the absorption capacity of the flexible center. GUMMI couplings are simple to install. Replacement is faster because it is a single element. It uses higher alignment tolerances. There is no need to move the pieces for replacement and they do not require lubrication.

Característica / Product Description

Symmetry, safety and balancing: due to the absence of cuts in the flexible center, optimal balancing and safety are guaranteed to the user.

Potencias / Power

38 Nm. to 168750 Nm.

Tamaños / Sizes

Model A-20 to A-400. In addition to the standard type, we offer this product with a reinforced flexible center (R) or with synthetic lining (SL)- for aggressive environments-. Hubs can be: conventional (CN); integral hub (CI); axial hub (CX); fitted hubs (CC), reel (CE). And with different types of assembly: Floating shafts (EF), Spacer (ES), Torque Limiting (LT), Security Ties (BS), Disc Brakes (DF), Pulley Brakes (APF) and Bridle Plate (CF).

Aplicaciones / Application

Due to their versatility, they are used in different industries: steel, paper, food, oil, petroleum, naval, mining, etc..