Fluid Coupling

HSD Line

The HSD-24 hydraulic coupling allows for a smooth and quick starting with a load, making it possible to reach the maximum torque with lower energy consumption.
Both torque and acceleration time can be regulated. It prevents oversizing the command/electrical installation by limiting abrupt starts.
Torque limitation reduces failure or fracture in the case of abrupt direct starts.
For internal combustion engines, it absorbs torque variations, and allows to extend the time from its nominal speed until its rotation practically stops.
In the event of an unexpected overload, the HSD-24 lowers its speed, while increasing the available torque, making the working regime possible. Slippage with respect to the nominal speed is 3% at maximum power. A fusible plug can be supplied upon request for cases of continuous overload.

Característica / Product Description

The type of soft start in the beginning allows reducing both the installed capacity in applications with high inertial load, as well as the consumption of electrical energy.

Potencias / Power

From 0,5 HP to 1500 RPM and from 540 HP to 1000 RPM. Action speed range: 600 to 4800 RPM.

Tamaños / Sizes

From model 24/5 to 24/100.

Aplicaciones / Application

Conveyor belts with high inertial load, rolling bridges, small/medium size mills, drum mixers, etc.

Configuración / Assembly

1 to 11 assembly, including: simple model, with coupling, with pulley (double and single), with coupling and pulley, with delayed fill chamber, etc.