Gear Coupling

AD Line

Our line of lubricated GUMMI AD couplings was designed to transmit high torques, and it is mostly used at the outlet of the reducer. Its constructive shape with one or two toothed hubs makes it possible to compensate for a certain degree of angular and/or parallel misalignment with respect to rigid couplings. Some of its main features include its great ability to transmit torque with high torsional stiffness and a high torque/weight ratio.

Característica / Product Description

GUMMI AD couplings allow transmitting high torque and offer a compact design, its toothed hubs allow to absorb axial movements without effort on its components.

Potencias / Power

Torque ranges up to 135.160 Nm. For standard models and up to 957.895 Nm. for high torque models.

Tamaños / Sizes

GUMMI AD couplings are available in different sizes: from model 10 to 70 for standard models, and from 80 to 120 for high torque models.

Aplicaciones / Application

Compressors, mills, calenders, rolling mills, winches, etc.

Configuración / Assembly

In addition to the standard double compensator models, there are several types of assemblies: simple compensator, with spacer, with axial displacement, for gear shafts, high torque, etc.