Constricting Clutch

FKT Line

The GUMMI FKT type clutch is designed and constructed to withstand severe clutch or brake applications, where large inertia loads and slippage that would normally result in a loss of torque and would significantly reduce its operating life.

Característica / Product Description

Available in two series, narrow and wide, it maintains its diameter on the contact surface; while the width of the friction shoes vary.

Potencias / Power

Operates in a range of torques ranging from 3050 Nm. to 632940 Nm.

Tamaños / Sizes

Offers a wide variety of sizes from 11.5" to 66", in different variants, which can be simple, dual, split, with 1 connection or multiple connections, as per required by the application.

Aplicaciones / Application

The GUMMI Fkt clutches are widely used in the oil, mining and naval industry, among others.