Constricting Clutch

FK Line

The Gummi FK Clutch is well designed and suited to offer reliable clutch and brake services for the most demanding industrial applications.

Característica / Product Description

The Gummi GUMMI FK clutch adapts to high speed regimes and cyclic operations. It combines the advantages of a robust clutch and a flexible coupling, as its pneumatic chamber absorbs misalignment and vibrations. The coupling of its pads is uniform throughout the entire friction surface and the torque is proportional to the air pressure. No need for lubrication or wear regulation of the friction material.

Potencias / Power

Operates in a range of torques ranging from 40.7 Nm to 58772 Nm

Tamaños / Sizes

Offers a wide variety of sizes from 3 "to 45", in different variants, which can be simple, dual, split, with 1 connection or multiple connections, as per required by the application.