Flexible Coupling - High Torque

BR Line

Using only the best materials, GUMMI has developed a flexible coupling for Low Torque Applications with a more compact design than that of the conventional line, yet of similar dimensions of the rigid and semi-rigid couplings, while keeping their capacity to absorb shaft misalignments, vibrations, and torque fluctuations protecting and increasing the useful life of of the components within the application.

Característica / Product Description

No lubrication required, minimizing the need for corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance, both in the coupling and in the transmission, reducing up to 5 times the machine downtime. There is no need to move parts for the inspection or load of the flexible center.

Potencias / Power

Can work with torques between 4.000 Nm and 250.000 Nm

Tamaños / Sizes

Models vary between BR-100 and BR-320

Aplicaciones / Application

Low coupling for conveyor belts, crushing/ball mills, mud pumps, bucket elevators, redler, etc.