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Transmitting Power

This year we will be celebrating 50 years in the business. Our motto, “Transmitting Power”, is reflected now more than ever with a view to the future focusing on growth to meet the demands of the industry.

The company started in 1955, with serial works for a major machine and tool factory. In 1962, the company began to manufacture speed reducers and ventured strongly into the rubber market producing seals and diaphragms for the industry in general.

In 1964, during a long promotional trip throughout the country, came the need to create a national coupling to improve the qualities offered by those used at the time, where only one European model was sold under license. After 2 years of hard work, The Universal Flexible Coupling with a solid rubber element was born in 1966, patented under the Intellectual Property Office.

In 1968, GUMMI was created. With a strategic marketing network throughout the country, the coupling was quickly spread and accepted in all types of industries. The success was complete, to the point of turning “GUMMI” into the generic brand name for couplings.

By the 1970s, with the oil industry booming, a key element for drilling equipment was consumed: Pneumatic Clutches. Companies operating in the country were forced to have much stock due to the delay in delivery times, and to import big quantities. At that time, with the purpose of developing national technology and with the support of YPF, we were invited to work on a new challenge: manufacturing The GUMMI Pneumatic Clutches, in replacement of the Fawick (now EATON-Airflex) clutches of USA (models CB, VC and EB) and starting testing procedures on different drilling rigs such as Oil Well, Ideco, Emsco, Cardwell, etc.. After this first stage, the DY-A-FLEX Clutches for National equipment were also developed, Romanian-type clutches for UPETROM equipment, single-disc and multi-disc front pneumatic clutches similar to Twin Disc-Wichita, and other mechanical power transmission components.

From the 1980s, both the GUMMI Coupling and Clutch were already consolidated as leaders in the National Market and started a stage of expansion towards Latin America, making exports to almost all countries in the region. In 1990, the first export to the USA was made and for this purpose we completed The GUMMI Pneumatic Clutches line, which were 100% interchangeable with the models manufactured in that country.

Since 1999, our exports to the USA have increased exponentially based on our Houston’s strategic commercialization, and from that moment on, incorporating countless certifications that support our products’ proven performance. From that moment, a stage of globalization of GUMMI products began reaching unexpected destinations such as Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Siberia, among others.

Due to the growth in international demand, an Industrial Plant of 5000 M2 was acquired in 2003. In addition, new technologies were incorporated in recent years in our machinery and there have been innovations in the development of High Torque Flexible and Semi-Flexible Couplings to meet the needs of the market.