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We look forward to responding to the challenges of the industry

At Gummi we focus on moving forward, overcoming the challenges and expectations of the industry, while we provide you with the best services and personalized  attention.


By focusing on quality, we have obtained certifications such as ISO, and ABS, which contribute to the reliability of our products.


We can ensure that our products have optimal performance thanks to the low rejection rate due to manufacturing failures, effective performance monitoring,

and efficient and constant technical assistance.

We manufacture all our production
under the guidelines of International Standards 

Oil derrick


We understand your industry and business needs.


On top of it all, we are dedicated to providing you with a solution-oriented service to optimize the performance of your equipment.

available resources

We want to give you the best experience with our products. That's why we generated all the content you may need so you can get a quick answer to your questions regarding the daily operation of your machinery. 



Get to know the applications where you can find our products


Technical Documents

Find the technical information of all our product lines


Founded more than 50 years ago, Gummi® is one of the biggest leaders in the production and distribution of pneumatic couplings, clutches and brakes.


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